Breaking the Cycle

This programme area is primarily concerned with using Community Arts activities as a way of helping offenders, victims, those at risk of offending, those affected by the actions of offenders, and people who are at risk of, or experiencing, negative patterns of behaviour.

This is another long-standing area of concern for Valley and Vale and one that has grown significantly over the last few years and is set to grow substantially due to increased demand. Customers include a number of key organisations working in this field, including: G4S (HMP Parc), Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) in Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot County Boroughs, Hillside Secure Centre (Neath), Women’s Aid, Victim Support, Barnado’s Cymru, Yellow Wales, South Wales Police, LGBT organisations, Local Schools, Communities First, Local Community Coordinators team in Bridgend, The Bridge Alternative Curriculum programme in Bridgend, Schools, and a range of Third Sector partners (e.g. Youth Options Consortium, Bridgend, BAVO, Interlink, and community organisations) whose clients are vulnerable or at risk.

The long-term impacts for target beneficiaries of this programme of work are mostly concerned with increasing self awareness, self-esteem and resilience, but we will also be seeking to build confidence, self-expression, improve personal and family relationships and increase emotional and physical well-being. For communities we will be looking to reduce crime levels, increase engagement, dialogue and social networks, working with people at risk, and supporting victims of crime. With Prisons , Youth Offending Teams and the Criminal Justice Services we are working with family engagement and rehabilitation services to reduce re-offending levels.

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