Creative Communities

This programme area is primarily concerned with using Community Arts activities to improve communities and the lives of the people that reside in them.

Valley and Vale started work with the communities in the Garw Valley during the miners’ strikes in the 1980’s, undertaking environmental and social regeneration arts activities and engaging people from those communities in the process. Being based in Betws has meant that a special relationship with our hill-top community has been forged, but we continue to undertake outreach work with communities throughout the County Borough of Bridgend and beyond. Activity in this area has remained steady and is targeted to stay that way. Customers include the Bridgend Rural Development Programme, Regeneration Programmes, Communities First, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Arts Council of Wales, Awards for All, The Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust, The Baring Foundation, Cultural Development programmes, LCC, Community and Third Sector organisations, as well as supporting artists within communities.

Over the last decade our reputation for facilitating effective Community Arts for Development projects has also resulted in commissioned work in communities across South, West, and Mid Wales, supporting and ‘kick-starting’ community initiatives with our creative activities, and offering advice for creative approaches to community regeneration.

The long-term impacts for target communities of this programme of work are mostly concerned with increasing participation, engagement, volunteering, neighbourliness, awareness, identity, and intergenerational dialogue, as well as improving social networks within communities.

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