Cultural Connections

This programme area is primarily concerned with making links with communities world-wide using the creative arts as the platform for sharing good practice, promoting awareness of global issues and improving lives.

Whilst this is the smallest of Valley and Vale’s programmes, it has been developed to ensure that the organisation remains open and receptive to cultural diversity, and this work has developed links that have really benefitted people and communities across the world. We are confident that this will be a significant growth area of our work albeit in relative terms.

We ourselves have gained much from our international links and partners and cross-cultural projects. Customers and partners include the Wales / Africa Community Links Programme, Darwin Community Arts, GemTV (Ethiopia), Destino Dance (Ethiopia), Enkiteng Lepa School and the Masai Community (Kenya), Oasis Refugee and Asylum Seeker Centre in Cardiff, Integrate Bristol, the EU Roma Community (Cardiff), British Council Cymru, BAWSO, Wales Arts International, Wales for Peace, Hub Cymru Africa, The Pears Fund, The Waterloo Foundation, Community Foundation Wales. We also embrace and benefit from our European partners and offer internships for the development of Community Arts practice throughout Europe and the world.

The long-term impacts for target beneficiaries of this programme of work are mostly concerned with increasing cross-cultural awareness, promoting diversity, cohesion and inclusion, developing collaborative creative skills-sharing partners, building positive cross-cultural community connections and relationships, widening horizons, supporting international development and sustainability, and creating positive community identities for participant communities.

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