Learning Through Creativity

This programme area is primarily concerned with using Community Arts activities to help people of all ages and abilities to learn through creativity.

This has been at the core of what Valley and Vale is about as an organisation since its inception and will remain as an essential part of what we continue to deliver. Our forecast is for the programme to remain on a level over the next few years. Customers include: Local Schools, Youth Organisations, Colleges, Universities, ESIS, Local Authority Education Programmes, Alternative Curriculum Provision, The Arts Council of Wales, Job Centres, Adult Learning – e.g. U3A, WI, WEA, Community Centres and organisations.

The long-term impacts for target beneficiaries of this programme of work are mostly concerned with increasing skills, confidence, and employability, through accessible and creative learning opportunities tailored to meet the needs of each group. We offer a range of accredited courses through this programme as both a City and Guilds and Agored approved training provider. For communities there are also benefits in terms of increased participation in Community Arts activities leading to more positive community engagement, dialogue, awareness, networks, and identity.

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