Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive, Arts Council of Wales, March 2015:

We all want Wales to be a fair, prosperous and sustainable country, improving the quality of life of people in all its communities. This inclusive approach is embraced by organisations such as Valley and Vale Community Arts who recognise that creativity irrigates the nursery fields of our psyche and our imagination, preparing the ground within which wellbeing and sustainability can be nurtured and take root …

… get it right, and we’ll see work which empowers and connects, work which is unique, authentic and life-affirming, work which at its best is genuinely transformational …


Hilary Farr, Arts Development Officer, Arts Council of Wales, June 2016:

In my opinion it is Valley and Vale’s approach to their project work that sets them apart. Valley and Vale approach their work in such an incredibly sensitive way; in this respect they are pioneering in the field of Community Arts in Wales.

John Griffiths, Minister for Culture and Sports, 2015:

… the Arts have relevance right across the whole range of Welsh Government activities and lives of people in Wales and young people in Wales. I think what we learn from today is another aspect of that relevance; the way that The Arts Council of Wales, Valley and Vale Community Arts and Literature Wales have been working with Barnardo’s to allow young people to express themselves and communicate their experiences around sexual exploitation. So it is an example of the power of the arts and the range of agendas The Welsh Government and key partners have that arts are relevant to. It really can help young people to not just communicate their experiences and to make a wider audiences aware of those experiences and what needs to be done to deal with them.

Dr Sandip Raha FRCP, Associate Specialist, Medicine and Care of the Elderly, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, 2016

… The Valley and Vale staff team are very, very, friendly, and give generously of their time and have lots of patience which is so important when dealing with patients with Parkinson’s disease … there is very good feedback from patients so far – it’s certainly working – it’s very interactive and they love it! and it helps improve the patient’s confidence and mood.

Prue Thimbleby, Arts in Health Coordinator for the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, 2016

I am incredibly grateful to have such a strong arts organisation that I can call on to deliver good arts projects in the Bridgend area … I have  a lot of respect for the organisation.

Sarah Daly, Cynefin Project Officer, Gwent Archives, 2016:

Valley and Vale has been supporting people from communities in the Garw and Llynfi Valleys to produce artworks (tapestries) based on their collective memories of the places in which they live and grew up in .… the project activities have given participants real and meaningful experiences.

Laura Semmens, Local Community Coordinator, Llynfi Valley Area:

I have found Alex and her team very receptive and eager to come together to deliver meaningful and life enhancing projects. They are very professional and offer experienced workers that can help people achieve real change. I was pleasantly pleased to learn that the artists and creatives are trained in a therapeutic approach and counselling techniques. This makes working with Valley and Vale easy…

The 3 day Person-Centred Creativity course was an excellent coming together of creative people with Social Care staff and we left inspired about how to use creative ways to engage and communicate with people. We had a lot ideas following the course, particularly how creative ideas could enhance the lives of people with dementia and the support staff…

I am very pleased to be working with Valley and Vale Community Arts and hope our partnership continues for the benefit of the community I work in.

Nick Andrews, Research and Practice Development Officer, Swansea University, 2015:

… a breath of fresh air, in the world of service and workforce development.


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